Owners of Corbo’s Bakery arm themselves with guns as violent protesters try to get inside

by Jack Shea – Fox 8 Cleveland

May 31st, 2020

This story recently appeared on Fox 8 in Cleveland Ohio. It tells of a family who armed themselves and stood their ground as looters tormented them, threatened to harm them, their store, and rob them. We are sharing it with you to illustrate the absurdity of one group of people, and the strength and fearlessness of one family. By standing their ground and defending what was rightfully theirs, they were able to thwart the maligned efforts of these “protesters.” We hope this will inspire others to do the same.


People are looting and stealing and acting like animals all in the name of justice for George Floyd?
They burn down their own neighborhoods which keep those neighborhoods economically challenged, if not broken for decades to come. They loot and steal from Target, a heavily insured corporation that will survive but move their stores and jobs elsewhere. Same with Arby’s. And with Sprint. And with Champs.
Who is going to end paying for all this you ask? YOU. The law-abiding, hardworking taxpayers in this country will end up paying to clean all of this up.
Gas will increase, goods will increase, and these cities will be even more financially burdened than they were before.
As usual their rage is stronger than their intellect and as always, it’s completely misdirected.



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