Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs New Anti-Riot Bill

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Ron DeSantis has done it again! The governor of Florida just signed a bill into law that aims at cracking down on violent protests and combats “public disorder.”

The law went into effect immediately.

The bill, which covers 61 pages, makes several changes to Florida criminal and administrative law, and will:

  • Make it more difficult for cities and counties to reduce funding for law enforcement, allowing local elected officials to challenge those budget decisions, and giving the state power to approve or amend the local budget
  • Allow those local governments to be sued if they fail to stop a riot
  • Define “riot” as a violent public disturbance involving 3 or more people acting with common intent resulting in injury to others, damage to property, or the imminent danger of injury or damage
  • Enhance penalties for people who commit crimes during a riot
  • Create a new second-degree felony called an “aggravated riot,” which occurs when the riot has more than 25 participants, causes great bodily harm or more than $5,000 in property damage, uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon, or blocks roadways by force or threat of force

You might be asking yourself why other governors have not done this. Think about it…



If You Climb on Top of and Beat an Innocent Stranger’s Car, You’re a Violent Criminal Who Deserves Prison

West Wing Reads July 27th, 2020

From the Whitehouse…

If You Climb on Top of and Beat an Innocent Stranger’s Car, You’re a Violent Criminal Who Deserves Prison

The violence in Portland and other major U.S. cities is “slowly percolating across entire cityscapes, and unless these criminals are treated as such, there is zero incentive for this to end,” Tiana Lowe writes in the Washington Examiner.

“Nip these escalations in the bud, lest [more places] become Seattle, where law enforcement is so restrained they’re warning property and business owners that they can no longer help them.”

Click here to read more and watch the videos.“Many media outlets have steadfastly described the violent riots that have gripped cities across the country in recent months as ‘mostly peaceful protests.’ What’s left out of this absurd description is the arson, assault, vandalism, and wanton destruction that people can view through social media or with their own eyes,” Mollie Hemingway writes in The Federalist.President Trump will tour a North Carolina plant today that is working quickly toward a Coronavirus vaccine. “Trump will discuss the collaboration between his administration and the private sector to rapidly develop a vaccine and ensure accelerated manufacturing and distribution once ready,” Matthew Burns reports for North Carolina’s WRAL News.“American workers and businesses have a shared interest in developing high-quality skills for the workplace—and that this doesn’t necessarily require a four-year degree. Instead, there are a broad range of courses, certifications, and apprenticeships that give workers the skills they need for growing fields like health care, cybersecurity, and the skilled trades,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia write in The Advocate.

Governors Push Back On Trump’s Threat To Deploy Federal Troops To Quell Unrest

By Scott Neuman – NPR

June 2, 2020

This article was recently published by NPR. It explains how the impotent governors of many states are questioning the President’s authority to do what needs to be done. As our national monuments are being desecrated and burned, police officers being hit in the face with bricks, and nurses now scared to leave their homes to care for the sick, President Trump vows to uphold the law and order of our great nation.


Why have the mayors and governors of cities across the nation allowed the riots, looting, beatings, and even murder to continue without employing the National Guard? Why have they told their police force to stand down? When is enough going to be enough?

While these democratic leaders seem to be refusing to remedy the insidious violence in their districts, President Trump is willing to step up and provide the means necessary to stop the madness. As per usual, he is being attacked by the left, and the usual cast of clowns that seem to want to see this country destroyed and burnt to the ground. Their abject hatred for our President supersedes even protecting the citizens of this country and their property.



Owners of Corbo’s Bakery arm themselves with guns as violent protesters try to get inside

by Jack Shea – Fox 8 Cleveland

May 31st, 2020

This story recently appeared on Fox 8 in Cleveland Ohio. It tells of a family who armed themselves and stood their ground as looters tormented them, threatened to harm them, their store, and rob them. We are sharing it with you to illustrate the absurdity of one group of people, and the strength and fearlessness of one family. By standing their ground and defending what was rightfully theirs, they were able to thwart the maligned efforts of these “protesters.” We hope this will inspire others to do the same.


People are looting and stealing and acting like animals all in the name of justice for George Floyd?
They burn down their own neighborhoods which keep those neighborhoods economically challenged, if not broken for decades to come. They loot and steal from Target, a heavily insured corporation that will survive but move their stores and jobs elsewhere. Same with Arby’s. And with Sprint. And with Champs.
Who is going to end paying for all this you ask? YOU. The law-abiding, hardworking taxpayers in this country will end up paying to clean all of this up.
Gas will increase, goods will increase, and these cities will be even more financially burdened than they were before.
As usual their rage is stronger than their intellect and as always, it’s completely misdirected.



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