Governors Push Back On Trump’s Threat To Deploy Federal Troops To Quell Unrest

By Scott Neuman – NPR

June 2, 2020

This article was recently published by NPR. It explains how the impotent governors of many states are questioning the President’s authority to do what needs to be done. As our national monuments are being desecrated and burned, police officers being hit in the face with bricks, and nurses now scared to leave their homes to care for the sick, President Trump vows to uphold the law and order of our great nation.


Why have the mayors and governors of cities across the nation allowed the riots, looting, beatings, and even murder to continue without employing the National Guard? Why have they told their police force to stand down? When is enough going to be enough?

While these democratic leaders seem to be refusing to remedy the insidious violence in their districts, President Trump is willing to step up and provide the means necessary to stop the madness. As per usual, he is being attacked by the left, and the usual cast of clowns that seem to want to see this country destroyed and burnt to the ground. Their abject hatred for our President supersedes even protecting the citizens of this country and their property.


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