Breakthrough Cases of COVID-19 Impact the Fully Vaccinated

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Health experts say cases aren’t unexpected.  Oh really.  So when does this all end?  People getting fully vaccinated and still testing positive, then being forced to quarantine for another 2 weeks –  2 weeks of  their lives gone, 2 weeks of lost wages, and 2 more weeks of BS.  Then they say, “Well one mask isn’t good enough, now you need two.”  Then they were saying that people must be anal swabbed to get an accurate test result…  Are you kidding us? This is absurd!  STOP THE INSANITY.  People cannot be controlled and forced to stay at home, not see their family or loved ones, forced to wear masks, or any other ridiculous rule they have dictated,  under the guise of “protecting people.”  They shut down businesses, ruined lives, and stole precious time from people for a virus that has a 99% chance of surviving if infected.  Then it was “Just wait for the vaccine!.  The vaccine will change everything!”  And now this.  If they had not shut everything down, we would have reached or been close to reaching herd immunity by now.  But No.  The politicians, big drug companies, and the richest families in America made out like bandits from this virus.  Not to mention how they killed innocent people to sensationalize this virus. The lying, mishandling of our elderly, and fear-mongering is atrocious and unforgivable.  And now they continue to try to control us with lies and falsities “due to Covid.”  What liberties and freedoms are they gong to take from us next?


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