It goes without saying that this year’s Primary and General Elections are pivotal to the trajectory of this nation. As concerned citizens of Florida we must remain diligent in order to protect the integrity of our elections. To that end, we are urging all Florida voters to report incidences of irregularities that are encountered during the election period. We have provided a number of resources below for you to do just that.

The Florida Division of Elections has an entire page on their website dedicated to election integrity (  They have provided a form DS-DE #34 for reporting instances of voter irregularity.  Our friends at Manatee Patriots have conveniently uploaded this form to the Downloads page of their website and it may be accessed by clicking this link.  The DOE has also provided a Voter Fraud Hotline at (877) 868-3737.
In addition to the Florida Division of Elections, there are several organizations that are providing additional means of reporting perceived voter irregularities.  TRUE THE VOTE has established a “Tip Line” which may be accessed by clicking this link.

The Republican National Committee, as part of their “Protect The Vote” campaign, has provided an online form that may be used to submit perceived  irregularities.  To access it, just click this link.

The Republican Party of Florida manages a voter fraud hotline as well.  Just dial (561) 556-1113 to speak with an agent.  The RPOF has also suggested that folks use the “Protect The Vote” link mentioned above to report instances of voting irregularity.

Clouthub CEO Jeff Brain, in association with Patrick Byrne and The America Project has recently released a new online tool for reporting voting irregularities.  The form allows anyone observing questionable behavior to document the relevant information about the incident (time, place, witnesses, etc.) and forwards the report to a group of election specialists for review.  The use of the tool is free.  To access the form, just on the button below. Go To The Form NowWe hope you find these resources useful.  And remember, if you see something, say something.
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