Dr. Christina Parks Testifies on House Bill 4471 in Michigan

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Have you ever asked yourself if hundreds of virologists, doctors, and scientists have been wrong? That maybe they are all lying? Do you really think these professionals would risk their careers, their accomplishments, years of sacrifice, and all they have learned, to intentionally spread misinformation?

Now, ask yourself if a small group of billion dollar corporations and pharmaceutical giants are willing to lie and shut down dissent in an effort to make more money. Ever heard of Occam’s razor? Usually the simplest answer is the correct one.

Dr. Christina Parks, who has earned her PhD in cellular and molecular biology excellently describes the different types of gene therapy and vaccines to Congress. In her compelling testimony, she explains the real science, which has been oversimplified by the media in order to take away our freedom of choice.

After watching her testimony, one could ascertain that forcing people to take the vaccine and punishing those who don’t, is certainly racist.



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