RNC 2020 opening night ratings on C-SPAN blow away DNC viewership

By Ebony Bowden of the New York Post

August 25, 2020


The DNC clown show was filled with lies and baseless attacks on our president. It was filled with doom and gloom, and also included some very strange and alarming musical acts. We were surprised and horrified to hear the words that were emanating from previous presidents’ mouths, but then again, could we ever really believe Bill Clinton or Barack Obama about anything?

It’s no surprise that the very first night of the RNC already had six times as many viewers as the circus of clowns and criminals who appeared at the DNC. And it’s only just begun… Scheduled to speak tonight is our beautiful First Lady Melania Trump, and Nick Sandman, the high schooler who was villainized by CNN and numerous news outlets for no apparent reason. Well look who had the last laugh. Just as Mr. Sandman was exonerated and justice was served, so will President Trump be. And we cannot wait…



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