Here’s Why the Huge Trump Boat Parades are Important to You

by Jim Norman

HERE’S WHY the huge Trump Boat Parades every weekend are IMPORTANT TO YOU.

This weekend – and every weekend- there will be 250 or more Trump boat parades across the US. Yesterday in Clearwater Florida well over 2000 boats of all shapes and sizes set a new world record for boat parade.

THE IMPORTANCE? You need to look past the boats to recognize what is happening. Each individual boat is more powerful and influential than a protest of several hundred rock-throwing, spitting, America-hating thugs the media loves to show. Instead, each boat represents multiple very powerful yet quiet protests in its own neighborhood that continues for months.

THE SIGNIFICANCE? Yesterday’s Clearwater Boat Parade.

It’s not about the boat parade. It’s about the boaters. And the boaters represent influential community leaders who espouse hard work, education, family values, faith in God, and love of country. Their protests are silent, but they are the majority and they continue long after the boat is on the trailer.

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