Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders

By John Daniel Davidson of the Federalist

June 18, 2020


As Covid cases are on the rise, due to increased testing, deaths continue to diminish. However, due to the skewed reporting by the media, the unnecessary hysteria, attempted mandatory mask wearing, and forced quarantine is still being perpetuated. When is this going to end? Why are the number of deaths not being reported? Why are only the number of cases being blasted from every media and news outlet around? Doesn’t it makes sense that if the amount of testing is increasing by say 100 fold, that obviously, the number of cases is going to increase? Below is a 7 day rolling average of Covid-19 mortality rates in the U.S. updated on June 25th.

7 day rolling average of a Covid- 19 mortality in the U.S. last updated June 25 2020.
Courtesy Dr. Jim Norman

We find it absurd and beyond hypocritical that “protests” and riots are condoned and even encouraged, while a Trump rally is “endangering the spread of this virus.” We are sharing this article because it points out exactly this double standard and much more of the left’s BS.


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