Restaurants Re-Open in Florida!

The day is finally here! We are now permitted to once again dine in restaurants like normal human beings. Hallelujah. Aren’t we so lucky to be allowed to start living our lives again?!

We plan to dine at a different restaurant every day this week. And we WON’T be wearing a mask. Get out there and enjoy yourselves, live your life, and be happy! Don’t give in to the fear-mongering, mask wearing lemmings!

Check back for our experiences dining out and please share yours as well.

UPDATE: Our experience after dining at several restaurants in Tampa was one of mixed emotions. While the servers were in masks, and some even in gloves (not very happy about this as gloves must be changed every time they touch something, or they can cross-contaminate everything they touch and can lead to less hand washing), the majority were happy to be back at work. Many voiced their distaste for the new rules though. It was good to see that patrons were not wearing masks or partaking in any other ridiculous non-sensical behaviors (for the most part). Certain restaurants were asking that diners wear masks which just makes us shake our heads. The restaurant goers seemed happy, yet quiet. People gave knowing looks to each other as if to say, “Hey we are thankful to be out again, glad you are as well and not acting like mindless, fear-mongering lunatics.”

Some places had truncated menus and all were only allowed to operate at 25% of full capacity. Talk of the “new normal” was a bit infuriating and after posting several pictures on social media enjoying our dinners and living our lives, the hatred and backlash from certain individuals was vitreal and unwarranted. To those people we say – stay at home, wear your mask in your car, or when you sleep, or every second of every day if you want to. Shelter in place forever and lose your immunity and sanity, but do not EVER tell the rest of us how to live our lives or what we can or cannot do.

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