The meaning of Memorial Day

As many of us head out to barbecue, or to the beach, or to party for the holiday weekend, let us not lose sight of what Memorial Day stands for.

The purpose of Memorial Day is to remember and honor the Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It commemorates the brave men and women who died while serving. They did this so we could have the luxury and freedom (before the “pandemic”) that we enjoy today. We must never forget this. We must realize and appreciate that these heroic people gave their lives so we could be free. We must never take our freedom for granted. We must fight to keep our freedom so that these brave soldiers did not die in vain. We are especially reminded of this fact considering the travesty that was perpetrated on our nation and our freedom these past couple of months. We can NEVER allow this to happen again.

Perhaps we might consider how we can be kind to and support the families and loved ones who have been left behind to deal with their loss. As tradition goes, people visit memorials and cemeteries, decorating each grave with an American flag. A national moment or remembrance takes place on the last Monday in May at 3pm local time.

However you may be celebrating this weekend, enjoy yourselves, be safe, and never forget why you are able to do and enjoy the things you are doing. From all of us at KTJ Nation, we would like to say thank you to those men and women who paid the ultimate price. We will always remember the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. We are deeply grateful.

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