Congressman Thomas Massie (R)KY: Resist The Biden Mandates

Congressman Thomas Massie, opposed by midwits everywhere, but cheered by lovers of freedom and science, has been a voice of reason over the past year and a half. Watch and listen as Tom Woods discusses with him, Biden vaccine mandates and what people can do.

The tweet pinned to the top of Congressman Massie’s Twitter account reads:

“Inserting needles and chemicals into people without their consent is violence. Depriving them of their basic human rights because they won’t give consent is also violence. Those who promote either should be ashamed.”

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ANALYSIS/OPINION: Congressman Massie really nails it on the 1969th episode of The Tom Woods Show. Watch and listen for an amazingly accurate description of Biden’s attempted dictatorship and know what your rights are. We must not give in and allow ourselves to be bullied or threatened into putting something into our bodies that we are opposed to. Whether you support the vaccine or not, this is a total violation of our Constitutional rights and our personal freedoms.


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BREAKING! President Trump Sidelines Fauci for Fraud

The Alex Jones Show

May 9, 2020

Alex Jones does a great job discussing not only what is happening with the task force, but why this attack on freedom is being perpetrated on the American people.


This “pandemic” has always been about power and control. Wearing a mask is not going to save your life. Wearing masks is a sign of submission. Telling people not to leave their homes is all about controlling them through fear. We must take a stand and say NO to fear. We must go out and support our local businesses. We must educate ourselves about the truth, and we must become more self sufficient.


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