The Most Dangerous Crisis America Has Ever Faced

April 15, 2023

A KTJ Nation Original Opinion

What would you say the greatest crisis facing America is? The border crisis? The opioid crisis? The out of control inflation? The astronomical national debt? Perhaps the rigged elections? Guess again.

It is the weaponization of our justice system.

Trump hit the nail on the head in his latest 3-minute “Agenda 47” campaign policies speech he posted on social media – “There is no more dire threat to the American way of life than the corruption and weaponization of our justice system — and it’s happening all around us. If we cannot restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country.”

This is true. However, the people who comprise the weaponized justice system will not reform themselves. We are an occupied country. The criminals in charge of the government have to be forcibly removed. Trump could fire some of them if he became President again. But the Electoral College is now weaponized only to elect Democratic presidents.

So without a forcible mechanism to remove the authoritarians and criminals turning America into a banana republic, we are stuck. Unless we secede or manage to have a Constitutional convention where the occupiers are forcibly removed–Biden, his VP, his Cabinet, his generals, all of them. This seems daunting, to say the least.

One thing is certain: The existing government is only going to get worse and worse, as it gets away with each breach of Constitutional principle and U.S. law. It’s a very, very serious situation. We believe it’s the worst situation America has ever confronted.

“Just Get Him”

Another great blog post from our friend Dr. Hurd.

“Just Get Him”

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If YOU were a Soros leftist Communist, your reasoning would be as follows:

“Get Trump. It doesn’t matter on what. Nobody on our side will question your means of getting him — so long as you get him. Nobody on the Establishment Republican side (McConnell, Romney, probably most Republicans) will question you either. Not beyond what’s needed to whip up their base and get them more money.

The Trump supporters and a handful of marginal, principled people will question you. But they can’t lift a finger to stop you. We’ve got the judicial system; certainly in the jurisdictions where Trump will be criminally charged. We know from election 2020 the Supreme Court will NEVER take us on. We will override anyone legally who challenges us. And they won’t get violent. Trump supporters aren’t violent. OUR side is. We’re not afraid to use force, and we’ll nuke them if we have to. They’ll just turn the other cheek. So we’ve got them.

All that matters is that you GET him. Because once you’ve got HIM, you’ve got everyone. And you’ll rule the world.”

This would be your reasoning. IF you were a sociopathic, deranged, amoral thug. And unless something changes — drastically, and fast — the outcome is easy to predict.

They win; we lose. Not because they’re better or stronger. But because we won’t fight like they do.

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TRUMP Did Not Take Running For President Lightly…

For those who aren’t aware… Donald Trump didn’t just wake up one morning and say ‘HEY, I’m gonna run for President of the United States!’ There was a process that took place which brainwashed leftists are clueless about. That process went as follows:

1) During Obama era, the NSA intercepted e-mails between Hitlery Clinton, Barokeback Obama, and others, and discovered a 16-year map to destroy the country. (This can be verified on numerous search engines. Take your pic, and wait till you see that map)

2) Military approaches Jerome Coursi, telling him they were gonna remove Obama from office with military force, but made an agreement with Trump to run for office and remove them quietly:

3) Clinton /Obama /Jeb /George bush get letters from the military saying that they are ‘toast’:

4) Once Trump took the wheel, the military expanded the Guantanamo Bay Military Detention facility to 9 times it’s original size.

5) Trump removes James Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and lots of other deep-state operatives. Military water-marks ballots prior to election and puts them in 12 key states and sets the trap.

6) Trump re-instates the federal death penalty.

7) Trump invokes the insurrection act just after the election was stolen.

  1. Biden takes office, military surrounds the white house due to the ‘True’ insurrection.

9) Buses seen throughout the night, removing everybody in white house.

10) John Durham covertly investigating the obama spying on the Trump campaign.

11) During the 2020 election, the military actually WATCHED China intercepting the voting machines during the 2020 election. (Leftists, you may begin crying)
Start this at 30 min mark and watch to the end, then watch the entire video:

12) Therefore…BECAUSE the military watched china intercepting the voting machines, the military STILL recognizes Trump as our current President (this is why you dont see biden on AF-1)

13) Follow the X22 Reports DAILY to get the REAL news, and mega-tons of critical information:

14) Report on the Biden Laptop
(This is it…. the nuclear mushroom cloud) They will not escape this!!



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